How To Remove Bloatware From Windows 11, 10

It’s even somewhat easier and less complicated than using the Windows Disk Cleanup. WSUS is a Windows Server feature to manage and deploy updates to computers. When you start to deploy updates to all computers using WSUS, initially it’s all good. However as months pass by, you may notice the drive consuming too much space on the WSUS server and sometimes drive becomes full. Windows, one of the most popular and widely used OS in the world, does have its share of problems. One of those is – Windows contains plenty of files and folders that you don’t really need.

  • One thing experienced users will always tell you is when you are undertaking repairs or performing tweaks in Windows, you should always have backups to hand in case things go wrong.
  • Even if you just change the location of a file or folder or delete it, the registry still has a key recorded which is checked by the OS and so it’ll slow down the system.
  • It worth noting that if you plan to import up a registry file downloaded from the Internet or made by a third-party, it is always a good idea to check its contents.

Don’t worry, here will introduce a powerful and reliable third-party GUI tool for Windows Server 2012 R2, AOMEI Partition Assistant Server. You can use it to create a Windows 11 bootable USB and boot your machine from the created bootable media to check system disk and rebuild MBR. It is with a user-friendly interface, making it fairly simple to use. DiskGenis – The best free partition manager to resize partition without losing data, migrate Windows 10, clone HDD to SSD, check bad sectors for hard drives, etc. Step 2Repair the Office Click-to-run application. Right-click “Start” button and find Uninstall a program under Programs, and click it. Scroll mouse to look for Microsoft Office 365 and click Change.

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The $Windows.~BT Folder can often be seen inside the root directory for Windows’ installation and lately many users have been inquiring about the purpose of its existence. In this article, we will discuss the functionality of the folder and also inform you if it is safe to delete it. This post shows students and new users steps to delete the Windows.old folder after upgrading to Windows 11. If you’ve successfully upgraded to Windows 11, Windows will create aWindows.old folder on your system drive. You can also use theDisk Cleanup tool to remove the Windows.old folder.

  • To complete the loading process, IT pros must then provide a name for the folder, which it will display in the Registry Editor.
  • Unless you have created a backup, these folders will be permanently deleted from your computer.
  • ” You can make a backup of your registry by creating a System Restore point.

You should receive an email shortly with your link to download the requested driver and release notes. Please enter your email address, and we will email you the download link lame_enc and release notes for this driver. Check SPAM folder if you do not receive an email. Just sit back and wait until you see a new icon in Taskbar notification area asking you to install Windows 10 or schedule the installation at later time.

Now choose the drive again that has the .old files on it. The system will perform a second scan of files that need to be cleaned up and will take a bit longer. As you survey your results, keep in mind that the Clean Up System Files feature will remove files from the WinSxS folder only if they’re no longer needed by the system. You may find that a lot of files have been removed from your system or you may find that very few files have been removed from your system. When Disk Cleanup is done, the dialog will just close. Unfortunately, you won’t receive any feedback on the success of the operation.

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By default, the value is set to 0, which means the information is not displayed, but if a desktop admin changes the value to 1, the information will be displayed . You can backup and restore system state, but it is not possible to backup and restore individual registry keys.

Select a restore point from the list available and click Next. The days or months can be changed using the arrows and calender display provided. It offers an impressive degree of versatility and performance, even if its UX is a bit befuddling at times. A single license is a modest $32 per year; and the free version is worth using for lighter PDF duties.