• 國際博士後協會
  • 國際博士後協會

Kentucky Colonel is the highest title of honor bestowed by the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and is the best-known of a number of honorary colonelcies conferred by United States governors. A Kentucky Colonel Commission (the certificate) is awarded in the name of the Commonwealth by the Governor of Kentucky to individuals with “Honorable” titular style recognition preceding the names of civilians aged 18 or over, for noteworthy accomplishments, contributions to civil society, remarkable deeds, or outstanding service to the community, state, or a nation. The Governor bestows the honorable title with a colonelcy commission, by issuance of letters patent.

Some of the famous colonels are as follows:

  • Former British Prime Minister-Winston Churchill
  • Former US President-George H.W.Bush
  • Former US President-George W. Bush
  • Princes Royal-Princess Anne
  • Former Boxer-Muhammad Ali
  • Religious Leader-Pope Benedict XVI


肯塔基上校是肯塔基聯邦授予的最高榮譽頭銜,也是美國州長授予的眾多名譽上校中最著名的。肯塔基州上校委員會(證書)由肯塔基州州長以聯邦的名義頒發給在 18 歲或以上平民姓名之前具有「榮譽」名義風格認可的個人,以表彰顯著的成就、對民間社會的貢獻、傑出的事蹟或對社區、州或國家的傑出服務。總督通過頒發專利書,授予上校委員會榮譽稱號。


  • 英國前首相-溫斯頓·邱吉爾
  • 美國前總統喬治·H·W·布希
  • 美國前總統喬治·W·布希
  • 皇家公主安妮公主
  • 前拳擊手穆罕默德·阿裡
  • 宗教領袖-教皇本篤十六世