Congratulations to below members received PostDoc, Honorary Doctorate, PhD and Guest Professor.

Guest of Honour :
Ir Prof Raymond Ho SBS MBE SBStJ JP

MC : PostDoc Yau Pak Man

Academic Qualifications Presentation

A) Postdoctoral Fellowship from Stanford/Berkeley/CSUMB
1) PostDoc Wilson Lam 2021
Alumni photo (3 Universities)(Marianna Tsang, Kenny Ma, Patrick Wong, Hely Law)

B) Honorary Doctorate from SABI University, France
1) Dr Kenny Ma 2021 (Hon Dr in Engg.)
2) Dr Jackson Lee 2021 (Hon Dr in Art Mgt.)
SABI University Alumni Group photos (Dr Marianna Tsang , Dr Wilson Lam, Dr Benson Chang, Dr Patrick Wong, Dr Albert So, Dr Evan Li, Dr Sally Ng)

C) PhD from Azteca University
1) Dr Hely Law PhD in Civil Engg Mgt. 2020

D) Guest Professor from Peking University’s Yuan Pui Business School
1) Prof Kenny Ma
2) Prof Benson Chang
Professors Group photos (Prof. Marianna Tsang, Prof. Wilson Lam, Prof Patrick Wong, Prof Albert So)